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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> breaking developments, mei-xiang giving birth in the past half hour. the excitement at the national zoo right now. a barricade situation still on.g the one hold-up dragging the standoff into its 30th hour. here inexcitement northeast d.c. it is chuck brown day. look. a free concert. have a live report coming up. newschannel 8 news at 6:00. >> the national zoo welcoming a cub.aby mei-xiang, the giant panda, has just given birth in the last 30 minutes. this.h excitement about >> there was and you'll have to
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take my word for it. there were cheers here. actually a few tears. some waited since 8:00 a.m. and see a few waiting for a panda cam to come back. were excited when this happened at that moment of 5:34. her water broke at 5:00 tonight but she was in labor early this morning and she was having contractions. going back, you remember she was artificially inseminated back in weekspril twice and two ago her hormone levels began to rise and she was sleeping more, cradling objects, signs of pregnancy. on wednesday, the vets believed tohat they be a fetus during ultrasound so dedicated fans began heading to the zoo and for many, to watch was the birth experience of a lifetime. >> she just got up and bent over out.t popped like this big and it's so cute.
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very cute. very exciting. i've waited 44 years for this. i'm very, very excited to be here. thankful to be here. thank you so much. >> she had been here since 8:00 morning, so she was indeed very excited. we expect to get an update from officials within the next hour or so. birthdayis balboo's and tonight, balbao is a big sister. a standoff situation in northeast d.c., now stretching hours. richard reeve is live. what are police saying? richard: we just got word that thet 45 minutes ago, suspect was apprehended, in this case, we don't know if he surrendered or was forced out of the house but certainly a
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all-night,d long all-day ordeal. police released the name of the woman killed yesterday morning. she's identified at 63-year-old carswell. let's show you video of the scene. fridaygan about 10:15 morning, police responding to the 3700 block of 18th street they foundhere carswell dead outside. the man was first on the front but witnesses say he was still shooting and retreated inside. aighbors say it was about family dispute, that carswell job andhe man to get a threatened throw him out as of september 1. an all-night ordeal. police had bull horns and used sig trots lure the man out. 5:20, he was placed in custody and this is now a homicide scene. kelly: an overnight shooting
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ofnging d.c.'s total number people killed to 101. the call came from the 300 block of 54th street. no word on suspects or a motive. new at 6:00, the family of bond scattered the civil rights leaders ashes in the gulf died lastafter he weekend. others were invited to drop flowers in other bodies of water. one ceremony took place in d.c. along the tidal basin. theformer president of naacp died a week ago at the age of 75. d.c. are, people in rocking to the sounds of the late chuck brown and john is at the chuck brown memorial park with the birthday party that is going strong tonight. is the music still playing, john? john: kelly, absolutely. go-go is live right now and this are hundreds already here if they are busting loose, you will. one of the most prominent music figures in d.c. would have been 79 years old today, chuck brown,
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of course, died three years ago. the godfather of go-go, he's being remembered today although gone.gend is it is quite a birthday party d.c. is throwing today. look at the scene behind me. the chuck brown band is playing now.on stage right it's a free concert for d.c. residents here at the former landgon park. of course, this was renamed the chuck brown memorial park last year. died from complications of pneumonia. here.sic is living on we're going to talk to the director of the department of and rec. you had a concern with this getting too big. really spread on facebook, word really got around. you were concerned about traffic getting around. >> the word got around and it ok because we worked very hard with the community members. thank the mayor
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and sister agencies for helping sure itevent to make was safe and fun. john: what would chuck brown of an event like this? >> i think he would love this because chuck loved to see people get together and have a great time. orncourage you to use metro uber if you're coming down today. john: a positive in northeast d.c. we have been doing a lot of unfortunate stories recently and this is finally a good thing. seeing a lot of smiles and folks having a good time. symbolic.ust actuallynorton has determined today is chuck brown day. she introduced legislation to chuckoday officially brown day and that's what's happening here at the park. kelly, back to you inside. kelly: thanks so much. great to see people out there enjoying the music, as well as the weather. has reallyther today been close to perfect. almost came with an chilly start to the morning.
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the weathers in center with a check of the forecast. beautiful weather today. crispeven call it cool or in areas. starting off cooler. gaithersburggh in today and only 81, culpepper. to mid 80's, exactly how the 85 looks outside right now. we've gotarbor, towards the setting sun left. about 7:54 tonight. from the realtime temperatures, bestoint temperatures measure the invisible water locked in the area, felt as humidity, lelvetion at -- levels -- 40's and 50's. planst, demolition derby in gaithersburg, montgomery county fair, dropping to the beautiful. for anyone else with a neut out,
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it's fantastic weather. the complete seven-day forecast is minutes away. kelly: thank you. disturbing charges out of maryland. two parents blamed in the death of their 10 month old daughter. robert davidson and lorena jail facing both in charges of murder. montgomery county reporter kevin rockville withn the latest. kevin: police telling us that this couple abused this child for most of its very short life. lingering question this evening, why would anyone harm something so little, so precious. d.o.a., taking the infant to shady grove hospital. apartmentbehind this door, the alleged suspects, robert davidson and lorena the victim, their 10 week old daughter. husain lives across the
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hall. my body's shaking right now. very sad. it's very sad. kevin: detectives say davidson dropped, inappropriately touched and violently shook his infant daughter. when she stopped breathing, he called 9-1-1 and she died three later. >> i have no words for that. st. john is the father of three. >> it's difficult having young kids but it's a choice and i felt that especially if it's not your first one, you know what's coming. and sleeps deprivation. >> there's no excuse for treating a child like this. police say although thompson didn't injure her baby, abuse and chose not to report it. >> this 10 week old baby girl, defenseless, completely dependent on her caretakers and completely innocent. -- kevin: and the
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medical examiner's office says little girl died from blunt force trauma. lovede. telling us no ones have gone to their office to pick up her remains. court next due in month. prosecutors are pushing for me -- no bond. kelly: monday is a big day for district,n the heading back to school. today the redskins foundation held a back-to-school fair with help of catholic charities. school supplies, physicals and haircuts were available at fedex field. >> they're having a good time all the festivities. kelly: families received two redskins-jaguars preseason game on september 3. we have a programming note to pass along as the baltimore take on the eagles in the preseason on abc 7. that game starts at 7:00 p.m. and "wheel of fortune" and be shown atwill their regularly scheduled times
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on newschannel 8. still ahead at 6:00, hundreds of panicked because of one single message. the mistake that ended with a calls.f 9-1-1 and international praise, the world leaders weighing in after americans take down a terrorist second before
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kelly: new tonight at 6:00, a deadly crash at a british air show outside london. aven are dead, more than dozen hurt, after a fighter jet slammed into a busy main road. theher person is in hospital with life-threat thing in injuries. people say the pilot had just begun his routine, was going into a loop when he looked to be
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way too low. a word on whether there was mechanical failure or pilot error. and developing right now, president obama called the three americans who stopped the terror attack on a paris-bound train, praising spencer stone, alex scarlotto and sadler for their heroism. manthree friends tackled a as he came out of a bathroom on his shoulder. hundreds of parents panicked call. mistaken phone >> your school records show that your child's first name is reported absent. kelly: they rushed out to their kid's school after getting that they weren't in class. it turns out that the automated by mistake butt ended in a second round of phone calls. parents phoning 9-1-1. >> i'm told my daughter isn't in school! where she is. she's not answering her texts or
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anything. god!y kelly: school officials say the roboeant to send call it a few parents but ofidentally sent it to all them. coming up at 6:00, no shortage devon isus weather but tracking rain for the week ahead.
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kelly: looks like the beautiful weather is stick around. devon: it will be here for a while. one day when heat and humidity return and more drier air will come in with relatively cool temperatures behind that front. here's a look at some of the realtime temperatures. 80', lower to mid beautiful sunday to come, if you have plans to be outside, maybe the beachickets for
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boys, wolf track sunday afternoon, fantastic for that. the local beaches, we'll have one for you right now beach.bethany there's a look west, capital harbor,ational alexandria and old town right, mount vernon left. if you're thinking about the beach, this is a live look. the shadows overtaking the beaches so if you're the heading to evening plans, we have the forecast. 85 degrees washington realtime 70's veryes to the low humidity all the way back, eastern shore all the way back lakes and the great midwest. we're not going to tap into rain chances just yet but we will tap south wind. temperatures will rise but comfortable humidity levels. the bigger picture over the next the weekend,ish get into the work week. still warm but low humidity. whennot until monday temperatures top 90 degrees. humidity is up, not too bad but
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the feeling, not enough humidity widespread showers and storms. overnight, tomorrow morning, areas incool in suburbs tomorrow morning in the 50's. we'll warm back up tomorrow, slightand there's the chance of a shower and storm to come way west with the next approaching front. to upper 80's coming into some of the nicer of the 87's to with lower humidity and heading to the beach tomorrow, centered around bethany beach, temperatures in upper 70's to 80 degrees, comfortable low humidity and staying away from rain chances. monday, when the cold front starts to approach. there might be a slight chance storm,attered shower or most likely into the mountains scattered showers towards washington starting to fade. high enoughbut not to produce wide spread showers storms. 30% chance. behind that cold front, as we're
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experiencing now, another round of relatively cooler air with mid to upper 80's and low thedity for the rest of week. kelly: do you think the weather will help the nats? something will help the nats. lou: weather and prayer. the nats regular season continues to go up and down while the ravens' preseason continues. harbaugh's old team, that he was one he with, against the now runs. sports on the other side.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. season has had more ups and downs than a ride at six flags. remember when bryce harper was rotation is sick, and where's my ring? it'sotation is sick, as in hurting. and this home stand may be the most important of the entire
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season. not too many positives for the ats of late but this play was beauty, herman perez off of gio gonzalez. snag to getwith the perez at first but the nats' pitching has fallen apart recently. gonzalez gave up five runs in five innings last night. ing fister, four runs relief. the nats lose 10-3. tonight it's joe ross on the curly w.the >> it's important for us to be in all tonight it wasn't that way. again, i'll preach it again. think this way and tonight's get ine have to tomorrow. certainly want to be out there playing clean and getting the outs we should get and they're paygiving them extras, you for it eventually. lou: tomorrows are running out nationals.hington interesting preseason matchup,
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6:30 pregame and 7:00 p.m. game-time on abc 7. in game will be interesting this regard, john harbaugh got his nfl coaching start with the eagles as a special teams coach. now he's running the ravens. be good as the eagles and ravens, the only two teams he's ever been associated with, go head-to-head. at the wyndham championships in golf, tiger woods picked up where he left off the past two days. bogey,three birdies, one as well as several huge par saves. -- shoots a two under 68, he's 13 under after behindounds, two strokes jason gore, the leader at 15 under par. woods needs a win tomorrow to keep his pga season alive. no disrespect to major league baseball or the college road to omaha but this little league best thing out there. it's only there that you can see
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auff like this interview of twin sister. terrence gistr of the plate.s at >> i know your mom is quite at cheerleader. >> oh, my goodness, over the light power. [screaming] that? about she's speechless. lou: that's why it's best out there. rg iii update is that there is no update. the team practices tomorrow and that's when we'll probably get on his concussion and whether or not he'll play against the ravens saturday night. happy, twin sister was happy. but i know hec was happy and that's why we love the little league world series.
6:26 pm big happy we'll be right back with a final
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kelly: want more beautiful weather? devon says no problem. devon: we got it coming our way. temperatures will be warmer but get out there, at the beach to cool off. lowegrees, humidity still levels. 92 is a bit hot compared to the average high of 86 but not high enough humidity, you'll feel some monday but not enough to storms.owers and elevation west in the mountains spread scattered showers and storms. entering another dry period. water our lawns over the next week or so. the only rain came with the other night. the might be another week or longer
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is something you have your mind on as a coach. we have a solid foundation of a football team underneath us right now and we can build on that. that's exciting. >> let's put a ring on it. i'm excited. it's time to go to work. >> i'm tremendously happy to be a raven for the next four or five years of my career. and plan on getting a ring. >> these rookies will have a chance to compete. >> we've got to go to work every day and capitalize. >> one, two, three -- break! >> the new season continues to come into focus. tonight, all eyes turn to philadelphia as the ravens take on the eagles for week two of the preseason.


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